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Year 4 (2015-2016)

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to our class page. In this area you will able to find information and photographs of some of the things we have been up to in Year 4. 

The last week in year 4!

We cannot believe how fast this term has gone! We thoroughly hope the children have enjoyed their time in year 4, Mrs Derbyshire, Mrs Ackers, Mrs Eastham, Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Dursley have thoroughly enjoyed working with the children throughout the year and will miss them as they move up to year 5.


Today we have reminded the children that they should continue to read throughout the school holidays. Many children have their own choice of books at home, but all children can access our local libraries who run reading schemes throughout the holidays.


Tips to encourage  reading and writing:

Keep a diary.

Write postcards.

Write letters.

Send emails to friends and families.

Write about a day trip or a fun day you have had.

Read pamphlets and booklets on places you visit.

Create your own information leaflets or posters for something you have enjoyed or somewhere you have visited.

Make a shopping list.

Plan your day.

Review a favorite book or experience.

Ask your child to spell words linked to their activity.

Play 'Boggle'.


Tips to encourage maths skills

Use numeracy skills throughout the holidays.

Ask children to add up shopping items.

Work out how much money you will need or change you should get.

Visit websites and apps such as Mathletics, Squeebles, Hit the button and St Bede's own website.

Practice times tables during short journeys or while carrying out chores.

Ask children to 'do jobs' for you, like measuring the rug or counting how many plates are needed and how many if someone else came or someone else could not come.

Make up your own quick numeracy tests to fill five minutes.



Don't forget it is our last swimming session this Wednesday with a prompt 8:15 arrival.


Lost Property

Mrs Dursley will bring out the lost property after school on Tuesday and Thursday (Weather permitting). There is a large amount of belongings that are not labeled. Please do claim your belongings as all lost property will be disposed of at the end of the week.



This week sees year 4 saying goodbye to one of their class mates who is moving to another school and two of the teaching assistants. Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Dursley will be very sad to leave St. Bedes and will be popping in for a catch up as soon as they can!





Homework w/c 4th July


Only a smidgen of homework this week! Can children bring in a photo, cutting, printout or drawing of someone who they consider to be an extraordinary person. This could be a parent, Grandparent, a celebrity or sports person, their Doctor or priest etc. If possible can they bring this in for Tuesday morning 5th July 2016.


Any children who have not managed to complete last weeks homework have been given an extra day to finish, so please tell them not to panic!

Workers of the week

Well done to Amelie for her superb persuasive poster and Kian for his amazing sportsmanship. Both children have shown exemplary behavior both inside and outside the class room.


Golden Heart

Congratulations Tommy for showing consistently good behavior, manners, helpfulness, thoughtfulness and kindness to both pupils and staff alike.

Lancashire Schools Sports Event on Tuesday 5th July 2016.

Just a reminder for children who have been lucky enough to be selected for the finals, please make sure that you are in school at 7:35 in the morning. Mrs Nevis and Mrs Thompson will be taking you to Blackpool for a fun filled day. Good luck everyone!

We had a fun but sad afternoon saying goodbye to Mr Norris. We wish him lots of luck in his next adventure!



This week the year 4 homework is to research into your chosen King or Queen in preparation for an end of year project.

Year 4 Celebrations of First Holy Communion

Expert Slot

This week Ben wowed the crowds with his amazing electric guitar! We can expect to see him playing at Glastonbury in a few years!

Sports Day 2016. Another fantastic Sports Day to remember! Year 4 did amazingly well in their heats, much better than the staff and the parents!

The Great E.U. Debate!

Should we stay or should we go?

Over the last few weeks year four have focused upon the great E.U. debate! We have thoroughly researched and considered the advantages and disadvantages and changed our minds several times! On Thursday year 4 conducted a debate with St. Bedes's juniors and used their persuasive powers to encourage the pupils to vote by providing in-depth information and designing posters.


Following this each junior pupil visited the polling station and placed their vote. The results showed that 80% of our juniors wished to remain within the E.U.



Homework W/C 20th June 2016

This week the children have been asked to research into the background and life of Queen Victoria and provide information to feed back to the class. Please feel free to be creative and innovative; you could produce posters, leaflet, rhymes and raps!

Lost Property

Please can parents ensure that all uniform items, water bottles, school bags and P.E. kits are named. Every week we collate a large amount of lost property that remains unclaimed.

One of the boys in year 4 have lost a pair of size two black school shoes, we would be grateful if you could check that they haven't accidentally been brought home by your own child.

Many thanks for all your help.

Workers of the Week

Well done to Carter and Emma for their superb effort in completing their homework on the Magna Carta and the E.U. Referendum.


Golden Heart

Luke has been awarded the golden heart this week for his consistent hard work, positive attitude and helpful disposition.Well done Luke.




Year 4 (and the other classes) supported England or Wales when we watched the match on Thursday. Sadly we struggled to watch the match on the internet, but we were lucky enough to listen to the game on the radio. The children created a fantastic atmosphere!


Well done to our tag rugby team who competed at Leyland warriors this week. Your passing is superb!


This week we will be looking for our fastest sprinters for upcoming competitions.

This week we had an expert slot on Alice in Wonderland! It was amazing! Well done!


Research into the E.U using child friendly news outlets and multi-media.

If the children wish to do so, they can bring in some information about the Magna Carta, which we will be discussing this week.


Year four spent Monday afternoon learning how to play tennis. It was just like Wimbledon with all the rain!

An exciting afternoon taking part in 'Dance from the heart'. We had our world record breaking champions showing us their daredevil moves on their bikes!

Birthday Celebrations

The whole school enjoyed celebrating the Queens birthday on Friday. Year four made amazing bunting and crowns for the party!

Expert Slots

Well done to this weeks experts. We have had a variety of expertise covering Preston North End, Disney Land and how to draw Manga style. Well done children, everyone thoroughly enjoyed your presentations!



Birthday Celebrations

Class Employees


Well done last terms employees, you all worked very hard and deserved your extra playtime in payment! Our new class employees have a hard act to follow!

Homework W/C 6th June 2016

The children have been asked to write a research question about both the aquatic life and woodland mini-beasts they have found during our school trip. The children can provide the research answer in any format that they would like.


We are re-visiting the topic of time. Please can all parents and carers work with your children at home. For instance ask them what time it is at intervals throughout the day.


We are so please with our readers in year 4 that the children are now being asked to pick one book at a time from the school reading scheme alongside a 'free choice' book, also from the school reading scheme.

We followed up our visit to Martin Mere with a trip to the school pond where we discovered a family of newts living alongside our more common mini-beasts!

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their day trip to Martin Mere. We participated in pond dipping activities in the aquatic area and mini-best collection in the woodland, we then spent time identifying what we had found and discussing what purpose they may have in our environment. We met some beautiful feathered friends and enjoyed a stroll around the grounds.

Lost Uniform

We have a large amount of unclaimed school uniform from the year 3 and 4 cloak rooms. All the named items have been returned to their owners, but there is still a large amount left. Please ensure that all clothing, shoes and P.E. kits are clearly labelled. Unclaimed items will only be retained for a short period of time. Many thanks.

Cookery Club 6th June 2016

Due to the school trip to Martin Mere, the cookery club will take please on a future date to be arranged.

Confirmation Picnic

Just a reminder to parents and children that a confirmation picnic will be held on the 5th of June following Mass at 10:30. Please contact Mrs Hardacre if you require any further information.

Half-term Homework

There will be no set homework over half term. Enjoy your holidays!

School Trip to Martin Mere 


Year 4 are very much looking forward to the class trip to Martin Mere on the first day back after half term. Please can you ensure that your child is wearing old trousers, along with a school jumper or cardigan, depending on the weather you may also send coats, sun cream and sun hats. All children will be required to bring a packed lunch unless they are in receipt of free school meals. In this case please notify school by close of day tomorrow, if a packed lunch is required.


Please ensure that any permission slips or monies owed are handed in to the school office by the end of the school day on Friday the 26th May 2016.


Tennis Championships

Congratulations to our future Wimbledon stars for coming fourth in the tennis competition this week.

Year 4 led the Parish Celebration dedicated to St. Bede.

Gymnastic Superstars!

Well done to our gymnastic teams from year 3 and year 4 who worked very hard as a team to gain a second place medal at the gymnastics competition this week!

Certificates and medals will be presented in assembly after the half term.

Workers of the Week and Golden Heart Awards.

Congratulations to Luke and Tommy for their amazing work in R.E. this week. Tommy and Luke worked very hard together to produce a bridge of friendship as part of our reconciliation theme.


Well done to Emily who always gives her all in everything she does. Emily has been spotted trying her very best at something she does not enjoy, with a great big smile upon her face.


This week we have had some very special visitors in our class. Tom and Mouser from Mousehole  came for a visit. The children put together a list of questions and interviewed Tom and Mouser for our literacy lessons.


Well done to all year 4 and our year 5 swimmers, you have tried so hard this week. Well done to all those children that achieved a new distance!

Workers of the week and Golden heart awards.

Carter is our first worker of the week for the effort he has put into his spellings and art work this week. Toby is our second worker of the week, Toby has tried very hard in swimming every week. Well done to you both.

Congratulations to Ava who is our Golden Heart! Ava is always kind and generous, ready to help anyone and she always does it with a smile. Well done Ava.

Our expert slots were very diverse this week! We were shown how to make our own game by our resident games expert, followed by a very interesting talk about cats; and then rounded off by a discussion on art. Well Done Experts!

We designed and made a healthy sandwich during cookery club this week.

This week we received a visitor from United Utilities. We learned lots about the water cycle and how to save water.

Golden Heart Award and Workers of the Week Awards.

Well done to Aoife for winning the golden heart this week. Aoife is a kind and generous friend who is always available to support her teachers and class mates.

Congratulations Ava on your superb research into 'Mercy'. You worked very hard and all in your own time. Well done!

Luke produced a fantastic,factual poster this week. Super work Luke!

Year 4 enjoyed the sunshine this week and chose to take their collective worship outside and thank God for new life.

Well done to our active year 4 students who have taken part in the multi-skills for fun event, who came 2nd in the tri-golf tournament and who are playing a tennis tournament this Friday. Good Luck everyone!

On Tuesday our expert showed us how his amazing interactive robot works.

Wednesday' s expert shared her love of horses with year 4.

This week our year 4 pupils carried out an outdoor collective worship.

Workers of the week.


Well done to Dee and Tommy for their wonderful work in poetry last week!


Golden Heart


Well done to Emma for being a kind and supportive friend to not only her class members, but the younger children in the school. You are setting a very good example.

The children enjoyed dancing to the water cycle song in science this week.

Year 4 provided the mass congregation with beautiful prayers on forgiveness this week.

Cookery club with Mr Norris started this week. The children made delicious chocolate crispy cakes!

This week our experts gave us lots of interesting information on Pokemon, card making and being an ambassador for children's rights!

Year 4 spent their play times making up their own musical about friendships

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!


Today we have been celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday! We decided to write a letter to her to ask her about her birthday and what it is like to be Queen. We are hoping that she will write back to us!


Today we had our expert teaching has been teaching us how to bake delicious cakes and so we enjoyed eating the cake to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday.


Experts Slot


So far our experts of the week have astounded us with their knowledge! We have learnt lots about our friendly garden worms and also discovered that we have a talented pianist within our midst! We also have an avid collector of Yu-Gi-Oh.  Well done!


Expert Slots


This week we have had a cricket double whammy with two very experienced cricketers sharing their wisdom and interest in the great British game. Well done boys, we all enjoyed your talks very much!



Mathletics 13th April 2016


As you are aware we have begun to use the Mathletics programme for some of our homework activities. This is a fairly new system for us in year 4 and we are experiencing a few teething problems. We would be most grateful for any feedback from parents and students.


Many Thanks.

Dress Rehearsal


Years 3 and 4 performed their first dress rehearsal today, they performed wonderfully and all the other classes in school thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Well done to everyone!

Today our expert told us about why he loves Scotland so much!

Workers of the Week & Golden Heart Awards

18th March 2016


This week our workers of the week awards went to Matthew and Olivier for the hard work and thought they each put into their own Lenten promise. Well done boys!


Ben was awarded this weeks golden heart award for all of his hard work and patience during our rehearsals; along with all the support and words of advice he has offered to his co-stars. Great work Ben!

Party Time!

We celebrated several birthdays this week, including Mrs Derbyshire's! As a class we enjoyed extra playtime and a piece of cake to help our friends to celebrate.

Today we learnt about the elusive snow leopards during our expert slot.

Tuesday's expert explained how to play golf and showed us what type of equipment we need to tee off!

Today's year 4 expert discussed how to become an expert in gymnastics!

I jestem expertem Polskim jendzykem! (I am an expert in Polish!)

Golden heart award.


This week the golden heart goes to Niamh who has tried her very best to overcome her fears so that she swam like a mermaid during Wednesdays lesson. Not only did Niamh build up her own confidence, she also supported some of her class mates who were also feeling a little nervous. Well done Niamh!

Workers of the week


Well done to our amazing actors and actress Beth, Olivier and Cohen for working so hard on the Easter production of Roll back the stone. 

A great big 'Thank you' to the parents and families of year 3 and 4 pupils who have helped with the amazing costumes for the Easter production - Roll back the stone.

The Year 4 pupils welcomed Matthew back into class during collective worship this week.

A group of year 4 students independently planned a collective worship to gather their peers together pray all those around us who are unwell or have suffered from illness.

The children and staff at St Bede's are very pleased to see the return of Matthew to our school!



Year 4 Experts


This week has seen the introduction of an 'expert slot' in year 4.

All the children will be invited to share an interest with their peers during allocated five minute slots. The children can talk about anything that they have an interest in and are welcome to bring in 'props' to support their talk, but no live animals please!


The purpose of this slot to help the children to develop socially and emotionally, while building up their self esteem and confidence. Moreover, the children can learn a wealth of knowledge from one another!


If your child wishes to take part, they will be given a letter to take home with a date for them to share their expertise.

A year 4 pupil shares his expertise in Motor Cross.

Easter Production

This week Year 3 and 4 have begun rehearsing the Easter production ‘Rolling Back The Stone.’ 

The production will be on Thursday 24 March at 10.00AM


Please can all the children continue to learn their song words at home. The children who are narrators need to practise their individual words, ensuring their voices are strong enough to travel all around the hall. Children can do this at home by standing at the top of the stairs, and projecting their voices down to a family member who is stood at the bottom. Also, actors can rehearse their movements, making sure to exaggerate their actions

We celebrated World Book Day with stories from Africa.

World Book Day 2016


Thank you to Year 4 for the hard work and extraordinary effort they put into their costumes to make World Book Day a success!