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Today I would like you listen to one of my favourite dragon stories - Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris.


While you are listening, look at the pictures and think about what your dragon would look like. Would it be big or tiny? Would it be a sky dragon or a sea dragon or might it live somewhere else? 

Tell Me A Dragon - Jackie Morris

A story time video to introduce you to Crumbling Castles. This video is for educational purposes. Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Now can you write a sentence to tell me about your dragon? Try to include the joining word 'and' and try to remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!


You may write something like this: ' My dragon is pink and shiny.' or My dragon lives in a cave and has big teeth'. 


Don't forget to draw a picture to show me what the dragon looks like!


*Parents please remember the children need to apply their phonics knowledge to their writing so words might not be spelt correctly. I expect that the sentence ' My dragon is pink and shiny' may look like this ' mI dragun is pinc and shinE'.