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Communication and Language

The children are making a glue paste for their papier-mâché solar system. The children were fascinated to see the flakes turn to a gloopy paste as water was added. 
‘It looks like snowflakes’ 

‘It looks like a snow storm’

’It feels crunchy’

’It looks like rice pudding’

’It looks like the frog spawn’ 

‘It feels cold and goopy’

’It’s really sticky’ 

We have been collecting the cut grass off the field to use to make a scarecrow for the allotment. 
‘It feels spiky on my hand. When I put my hand like that in it’

’It’s dry and crunchy’


On our way back from the forest we got caught in a heavy downpour. We used this as an opportunity to extend the children vocabulary by thinking of all the words to describe how wet we all were. 



‘dripping wet’ 

‘Very very wet! 
‘So very wet’ 

We were very excited to meet our local firefighters. We were able to have a look inside the fire engine and listen to the siren! We asked lots of interesting questions, such as; 


How does the engine work?

What does the siren do?

What are the ladders do? 
How high do the ladders go? 

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Our Everywhere Bear, Sid, goes home with one of our children every Friday. The children love bringing him back to nursery the following week to share his diary with all their friends. He has been on so many wonderful adventures. Where do you think he will go next?