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This half term, we have been studying animal and how we can classify them. 


In this lesson, we used closed questions to create classification keys for our favourite sweets. 

This term, our topic is Evolution and Inheritance. See our knowledge organiser below for our key learning. 

We started our topic by looking at what traits or characteristics people in our class can inherit from their parents. We also though about how parents pass on these traits to their offspring. 


In lesson 2, we studied different animals who had adapted to their environments over many years. We discussed how these adaptations have enabled them to survive in their chosen habitats. 

This week, we have been investigating Darwin's Theory Of Evolution. We all pretended we were different finches. We investigated which types of beak would be most suitable to islands with certain foods. We used different tools to represent the range of beaks and foods. Our results showed us how the finches had to adapt their beaks and evolve over time so they could survive on each different island.