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Expressive Art and Design

After findings hedgehog we were inspired to complete some still life drawings and make our own hedgehogs out of clay and reclaimed materials. We are very proud of our masterpieces!

We have been practising how to use a paintbrush and how to use watercolours. We learnt that if we add to much water to colour isn’t as vibrant.

During our Religious Education lessons we have been learning that God made the World. We looked at lots of different images of the world and created our own. We had to tear the crepe paper with our hands to make sure there was enough space for the land and the water.

Self portraits - We have been learning about ourselves and our different features. We have been talking about different types of skin, hair and eye colour. We talked about how everyone is different and how special we are. We used mirror to look carefully at ourselves and recorded as accurately as we could.