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Understanding the World

We read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We made story maps then we interpreted the symbols on our maps to follow the route to find the bear! 

After reading the story 'The Gingerbread Man', the children were keen to make their own gingerbread. We talked about what might happen when the ingredients were heated then cooled. We safely melted the butter and sugar and talked about the changes we could see. 

The children were delighted to find ice in the nursery garden. We talked about what would happen if we held the ice in our warm hands. 

We put on our hats, coats and scarves and went for a winter walk. We were delighted to find ice, shadows and the first signs of spring - snowdrops! 

We have been celebrating Lunar New Year. We tided the house and put up beautiful red and gold decorations. We tried some traditional Lunar New Year food and became Dragon Dance performers.  

We were so excited to find out that Miss Hardingham is having a baby! We have been learning about how babies grow and how to look after them. We watched a video of the new baby and listened to it's heartbeat. We can't wait to meet you!

We were amazed to find some daffodil shoots in the nursery garden as we began to prepare for spring bulb planting. We also discovered plenty of snails, woodlice and worms! 

The children have been investigating wet and dry sand. We asked questions such as, What does the sand feel like? Does it feel the same? Is it easy to hold? Can you pour it? Can you build with it? 

Such exciting news...Our eggs have begun to hatch! So far we have 2 boys and 2 girls. Can you remember how to tell the difference? 

We have been preparing the brooding box for our chicks. We learnt about what they eat and drink and why it is important to keep them warm.

Here we are holding the chicks for the first time! 

Our fascination with life cycles continues... We have been observing reception class's caterpillars as they grow. 

We have been learning how to play a game on the ipad independently. 

We were very excited to find frog spawn in the pond. We carefully collected some to look after in nursery. We are learning about how to care for them, what to feed them and how they will grow and change over time. 

We have been hunting for signs of spring. 

We have been using our senses to explore different fruit and vegetables.