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Last Week 

This week, you are going to create your own picture for the Flotsam camera. Imagine you have taken a picture of an underwater scene – similar to the ones in the book.


  1. Draw the world you see. Be imaginative and creative. Use the pictures you have seen in the book.
  2. Label the picture with descriptive noun phrases e.g. multi-coloured, spiral shells stand tall on top of the stripy-patterned turtle who swims gracefully through the calm ocean.


Summer 2 - Week 6 6th July

Summer 2 - Week 5 - 29th June 


This week, in class, we have read a new book: Flotsam. We have really enjoyed exploring the story.


Here are some questions before your read:

Do you know what Flotsam is?

Are there any clues what the story is about from the title page?

Do you know what binoculars are?

Have you ever used a microscope before?

Before digital cameras and phones, how did people take pictures?


After reading:

Look at the first few pages of the book – up to where the boy finds the camera.

What can we learn about the boy?

What kind of character is he?

Look for clues about what is in his bucket?

What has he brought to the beach? What does this tell us about him and what he likes to do?


Writing Task

  • Can you draw your own bucket – what would you have collected from the beach? What flotsam would you collect?
  • Can you pack your own bag for the beach…if you were a curious explorer, what would you have packed?




Summer 2 - Week 4

Another new, exciting novel this week. What if the world ran out of chocolate....what would we do? Read to find out...the writing is linked to the reading again so it will all be on this page as it has been the last 2 weeks. Enjoy! 

Writing Task - This week, there are 2 tasks 


Task 1

Can you draw and label the Island of Easter Egg Island? Make up some places you might find there.


Can you draw and describe the Chocolati Tribe? Write full descriptions of the characters. 

You could also draw and label Professor Fizziwicks.

Here is a character description below to help you layout what it should look like.

Task 2 


Research where chocolate comes from? How is it grown and harvested? How does it get to our shops? Can you write some interesting facts about chocolate.

Create a powerpoint or a written leaflet about chocolate. Include the ideas above.

Here is a text to help you.

Summer 2 -  Week 3

This week...a spy novel extract. I have linked the writing with it again. You will find the grammar first below (do this first) and then the writing task is below that...they follow on from each other. I'm looking forward to reading all about your spy gadgets! 

Grammar work 


Cause and Effect with Music

Writing Task 


Task 1

Draw and label the lie detector. Can you think about what it would look like? How the parts would move and work together? Would there be a yes and no card for lies that would come out?


Task 2

Look at the explanations for how this machine works. Using either the lie detector, or your own made-up Spy gadget, can you write an explanation how the machine would work.

Here is an example below:


I’m looking for: you to use causal conjunctions you have practised in your grammar:




Summer 2 - Week 2 


This week, I thought we could read a new text. This is the beginning chapter of a super novel: The Nothing to see here hotel. 



Read the extract and then answer the questions. There is short, fun writing task after as well to complete. This is the main writing for the week so remember to put lots of effort into it and try your best heartlaugh
Summer 2 Week 1 - 1/6/20

Week 5 

This week, you need to look at the two pictures and answer the questions. These questions focus on inference skills - where you have to read between the lines. 

Week 4 - 11/5/20

Week 3 - 4/5/20


Something different this week. Inspired by Jasper who suggested writing about dogs. 

Below is a short film called: The Present. Watch and answer the questions below. The writing is linked too which you can find on the writing page. Hope you enjoy. 


Answers these questions about how the characters are feeling. 


1. How the boy’s feelings about the puppy changed during the film.

2. Did the puppy’s feelings towards the boy change?

3. Why do you think the boy’s mum bought him the puppy?

4. Was it a good idea? Give reasons.    

5. What other  items would have been a good present?      

6. Why do you think the boy’s feelings changed?         



What do you think makes him want to throw the puppy  away?

What makes the boy have a change of heart?

Summer Week 2 - Back to the book.....Let's see what Mr and Mrs Twit are up to in the next two chapters. Does anyone like playing pranks???????

Summer Week 1 Work - Answers at the bottom of the peeking!

Week 2 Reading answers

Week 2 - The Twits Chapter 3. Can't wait to see pictures of your beard writing and artwork!

This work is all based around the novel that was sent home: The Twits. Have fun!!!!

Here are some suggested answers to the questions above. I can't wait to read your descriptions of Mr Twit. Don't forget to send me an email with them. I keep checking. I wonder who will be the first person to do so?!