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Animals Including Humans


We have been exploring how animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults. We started by looking at the changes in a humans life. We developed some interesting scientific questions when comparing a human to a robot to see if humans and robots are similar or different, when considering growth and change. We have then moved on to explore the different stages of human life.


We explored a variety of life cycles to support our understanding that animals have offspring that grow into adults. During this time we were able to explore that sometimes offspring look different to the adults. 

We have been learning about what needs animals including humans have for survival. We place ourselves in the scenario of being stranded on a desert island- this led to interesting discussion on what we would want with us. We had lots of suggestions, which we then sorted to highlight what we needed to survive and what we would just want with us to make us feel comfortable. We then thought about animals and if their needs were the same as ours. We created a 'pet guide' to show our understanding of what is essential to take care of our pets.