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In our daily phonics lessons, we are learning how to tune into different sounds. We made some listening ears and went for a walk around school to see how many environmental sounds we could identify.

Investigating environmental sounds.

Writing is an important lifelong skill. Children need to learn to write so they can communicate and express themselves. We encourage the children to capture stories, experiences, thoughts and ideas these through drawing lines, dots and circles. Gradually they will begin to make wavy lines and distinct separate marks. If children show an interest and want to write, it is crucial that they should develop hand and finger strength to hold a chunky crayon or pencil comfortably and with control. Eventually they may be able to make attempts to write some very familiar letters, for example from their name.

Investigating instrumental sounds!

We have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We built our own brick house bricks and retold the story. 

Prewriting shapes are lines and shapes that form the foundation for letter and number writing. Without learning the prewriting shapes first, it can become hard for children to write numbers and letters. The prewriting shapes include vertical line, horizontal line, circle, cross, square, diagonal lines, X and triangle.

The children are increasingly interested in adding signs and labels to their creations.