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Understanding the World

This week we have been celebrating Black History. We listened to the story Coming To England by Floella Benjamin. We learnt that Floella had lived in Trinidad which is a country far away from England and talked about how it is very hot. We thought about how Floella must have felt when her Marmie and Dardie left for England. The children though Floella must have been very sad.  Floella packed all her beautiful dresses to come to England because she didn’t have any warm clothes, Miss Tyrer suggested we could pack a suitcase with suitable clothes to help Floella settle into our country. The children looked through the home corner and found scarves and hats, some children brought their coats and gloves from the cloakroom and some children even took their jumpers off to pack for the little girl. 

As autumn is approaching we have noticed lots of changes in our environment. Lots of children have noticed the leaves changing and are beginning to collect conkers for our nature table. We went for an autumn walk around our school grounds and Miss Tyrer challenged to to see how many signs of Autumn we could spot! 

On a Monday morning we watch the weather forecast to see what the weather is going to be like for the week ahead. The children have noticed the numbers so we have talked about the temperature and how a small number means it’s going to be cold an a larger number means is will be warmer. We have also discussed the hot and cold colours as well as the different weather signs. This has inspired us to monitor the weather across the week. 

We have been lucky enough to spot a hedgehog on our school running track. Miss Tyrer informed the children that hedgehogs are nocturnal and are only supposed to come out at night so it maybe hurt. Miss Tyrer brought the hedgehog into school to keep it warm while we decided what to do. The children thought about what we could do to help. 
“we could ring a vet”

”we could get it some food”

We used the internet to find out the phone number for the hedgehog rescue centre and wait for the to come and collect our hedgehog.