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Understanding the World

We made the most of the snow today by wrapping up and going for a winter welly walk. We stopped by the forest and noticed the frozen pond. We noticed that lots of autumn leaves where trapped under the ice. We talked about why it would be dangerous to walk on the frozen pond. 

Today we had a visit from Steve and Harold the Giraffe from The Life Bus. Steve and Harold came to help us learn about our bodies and how to stay healthy. We learnt how we can look after our bodies, the importance of good sleeping exercise and why we need to eat a balanced diet.


We have been discussing our local area and our route to school. We found out that lots of children travel to school by car. Some children drive past ASDA and some children drive past LIDL. We labelled the landmarks of our local area and recreated our route to school.

The children noticed that over the summer the grass had grown! We decided it needed a cut before winter so we found our scissors and got to work!