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Understanding the World

We have been carefully caring for our butterflies by making nectar solution for them to drink and  ensuring the drinking flower is saturated.

We used the microscope to have a closer look at the caterpillar, the chrysalides and the butterfly. We talked about the beautiful pattern and how some of the circles looked like eyes. We spotted the antenna and proboscis tubes. And thought that the caterpillar looked very spiky! 

We have butterflies!!

Spring has sprung! We have been looking around our school environment to spot signs of spring. We noticed bugs, buds and spring flowers such as daffodils. We have been planting bulbs and have taken inspiration from this wonderful season to create some beautiful daffodils paintings. 

Our caterpillars have arrived!


The eggs have arrived!

Today we noticed two robins in our outdoor area eating all of the porridge oats that had spilt on the ground. We were so excited so we used the internet to find out a little more about this wonderful bird. We found out that robins like to eat worms and insects so we decided to make a log pile house to encourage the food source. We also made some fat balls as we found out that during winter time, robins need extra food as they prepare to have their babies. We created a quiet space in our outdoor area and set up a bird watching station. We even made some binoculars so we could spot the birds from afar. 

On Tuesday, when we came to school we noticed lots of frost. We talked about how some of our cars were frozen and that mummies and daddies used a special spray called ‘de-iced’ to melt the ice. We learnt that ice is different to snow and when to explore it on our school field. We enjoyed touching it and making tracks for our friends to follow.