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Summer 1 Year 2 Narrative- The Building Boy

This half term the children have really enjoyed reading 'The Building Boy' written by Ross Montgomery and they have used this narrative as inspiration to create some fantastic pieces of writing. 

The children have also been exploring the text through a range of comprehension skills. We have looked at; sequencing key events, understanding the meaning of vocabulary within a text, making inferences about characters thoughts and feelings, making predictions and showing and understanding of the narrative. 

We explored the characters of ‘The Boy’ and Grandma, and the children wrote character descriptions of Grandma robot.

The children then wrote a setting description to describe what it would have been like to visit the finished school for young architects. 

The children worked incredibly hard to create their own version of The Building Boy. They used the original story as inspiration, however they all made changes to make the story their own. Here are just a few examples of parts of the fantastic stories that were written.

Summer 1- Non-fiction- Non-chronological report

As part of our non- fiction unit, we have been exploring different non- fiction text types and completing some short writes. The class wrote their own persuasive leaflets to persuade new parents to bring their children to St Bede’s.