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Alphablocks : Zzzzz - Series 1

The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. From A to Z, every Alphablock has fun discovering the magic of wordplay...

Lesson 38 (part 1) - Reception

Our Reception Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words

Now have a go at writing the sentence - Can a web buzz?  Remember to:

  • say the sentence,
  • repeat the sentence three times, 
  • Count how many words are in the sentence
  • Write your sentence - segment the words by say the words then chop up using your robot arms.


Just like we did yesterday!

There is a phonics game attached below which focusses on the 'zz' sound. You do not have to print this sheet instead you may want to copy the table out or put the words on post it notes.