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We had a special visitor who had a variety of different animals. We had the opportunity to see them up close!

Year 6 creating classification keys using Liquorice Allsorts to help them understand the concept of why they are useful. They then went on to apply this knowledge when creating a classification key for the different animal groups.

In our first lesson, we classified animals into lots of different groups including: vertebrates, mammals, carnivores etc.

Our first exciting unit is Inheritance and Evolution. This unit builds on the children’s learning from the Year 3 Rocks unit as well as the Animals including Humans and Living Things and their Habitats units. Children will learn about variation and adaptation. They will be able to explore how both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace separately developed their theories of evolution. They will examine the scientific evidence from plants and animals that has been gathered to support the theory of evolution

In this lesson, we investigated Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution. We substituted beaks and foods for our equipment to investigate whether the beaks if the finches were better adapted to each food. 

In this lesson, we thought about how we inherit certain characteristics from our parents and why this varies on our siblings. We conducted an experiment to see which inherited characteristics were the most and least common in our class. 

In this lesson we explored inherited and environmental traits. We conducted investigations to see why offspring show variation.