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Understanding the World

The children have noticed that bees are beginning to return to the nursery garden. We used our nature book to identify the different types of bee. We spotted bumble bees and honey bees. We discovered how bees make honey and we tasted some real honeycomb. 

Last term we planted dahlia, gladioli and orchid bulbs in the allotment. We were very excited to find some small shoots peeking through the soil. We can’t wait to see how tall they will grow. 

During a very wet walk the children discovered some lemon balm. They loved it’s lemony scent - ‘I can’t stop smelling it! It smells so lemony!’

We used the iPad to find out some information about this wonderful herb. Some of our favourite facts were; 

  • It is part of the mint family
  • You can put it on salads or in drinks
  • Bees love it! 

We were very excited to meet our local firefighters. We were able to have a look inside the fire engine and listen to the siren! We asked lots of interesting questions, such as; 


How does the engine work?

What does the siren do?

What are the ladders do? 
How high do the ladders go? 

Thank you for visiting us! 


To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we had a Jubliee Picnic and planted a pear tree. 

Unplugged technology - investigating how to transport water into channels dug into the sand. 

This week we had two very special visitors. Miss Hardingham and her beautiful baby came to visit. The children were absolutely delighted to see them both. They asked so many questions about what baby’s need and how they grow. Thank you for coming to visit us! We can’t wait to see you again soon. 

Mike from Critters Interactive brought his collection of wonderful creatures to visit us today. We held giant millipedes, hissing cockroaches and some very elegant stick insects. We were shown what happens when you shine a uv light on a scorpion and smiled at a tiger salamander. We also got to meet a beautiful corn snake and a very friendly lizard! Thank you Mike. What a wonderful experience! 

We went into the forest to play a matching game and observe seasonal changes.