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It might be a bit difficult to complete the activity (measuring a seed as it grows) so I have attached the link to an online comparing game which highlights the key vocabulary shorter and taller. I have also provided a few ideas you may want to complete instead which reflects the learning. You do not have to complete all of the activities. 


  • Measuring the people in you household who is the tallest/shortest. How do you know you are correct?
  • Find different teddies can you find your tallest teddy? Can you find a teddy that is shorter? How do you know you are correct?
  • Choose a selection of objects (such as jars and tins) can you put them in size order from shortest to tallest? How do you know you are correct?

Extra challenge - can you find any items of equal/ the same size?


We would expect the children to be measuring in non standard measures (so not mm, cm or meters). They may choose to measure with their hands, their shoes, toy blocks/ cubes stacked etc. We would like the children to be using the vocabulary tall, short, taller, shorter, tallest, shortest.