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As part of our introductory week, we were focusing on the picture book, ‘Flotsam.’ This was used as inspiration for the children to create their own underwater pictures using watercolours.



As part of art week the children explored the technique of mono-printing. We focus of the artist Karin Daymond for inspiration. Karin Daymond is a modern day artist who specialises in printing with a focus on landscape.

We used Karin Daymond’s use of landscape in her work and linked this to our Geography topic looking at our local area. See below link to look see what we have been getting up to as part of Geography. 

We created drawings based on the adventure playground on our school grounds, and the church located next to our school. The children focused on line and shape.

The children the experimented with different tools and materials to see which would be the most effective when mark making for their print. The children then decided which tool they wanted to use for their final print.

The children chose an area of their drawing they wanted to recreate as a mono print. 

The children created their final mono prints.

The children evaluated their finished print.