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Physical Development

During our weekly P.E. session with Mrs Murray, we explored different ways of travelling across the bench and practiced our jumping skills. 

Every Wednesday morning we have our PE session with Mrs Murray. This week the children have been developing their balancing, jumping and rolling skills. 

We harvested some of the rhubarb from the allotment. We carefully chopped and peeled it to make a rhubarb cordial. 

Here we are developing our cutting skills in the mud kitchen. 

Hop, jump, spin! 

We are using large muscle movements to make marks on the running track. 

Suspended painting! Painting with something that moves around requires those little muscles and brains to work hard, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Just look at the concentration! 

During our P.E. Session with Mrs Murray, we have been developing our gross motor skills and our hand-eye coordination.

  • Gross motor skills - when a child uses their whole body in a movement, such as jumping, climbing or running.
  • Hand-eye coordination - when a child's hands and eyes are working together, for example catching a ball or throwing a ball.

Coach Ian came to deliver a Rugby Tots taster session. We loved learning how to hold and throw a rugby ball. We even managed to score try! Thanks Coach Ian, we had some much fun! 

Sports Day! A huge thank you to all our wonderful families for coming along to our first Sports Day! We loved showing you our skills. 

We investigated what happen when we mixed the powder paints. Then we used the different tools to create marks on a vertical canvas. 

It’s all hands on deck to put up the bell tent on the field! 

Throw, jump, catch!