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Children's Work

Super work by Martyna. An excellent story set in a rainforest. She has managed to achieve another gymnastic certificate. Well done!

Another selection of Adam's brilliant work. Great effort!

Check out Aaron's fantastic Maths work

Fantastic work by Martyna. What a wonderful shadow puppet theatre!

Again, excellent work by Ella and Cameron. Well done guys!

Jordan has completed some brilliant work. I especially enjoy his writing!

Martyna has completed so many things. I wish i was a bendy as Martyna is!

Adam has collected some tadpoles. I can't wait until they turn into frogs...ribbit.

Some amazing work by Elsie. A wonderful description

Harry's been busy on his farm.

Zane's amaxing writing. Fantastic ideas.

Jasper releasing his butterflies. A great idea inspired by William's work

Sophia's gorgeous peacock writing

Lots of Maths from Aaron!

Harry's brilliant Maths

Zane's super History and Geography work

Martyna has had a brilliant time celebrating VE Day.

Oliver G has sent LOTS of work. Well done Oliver!

Jasper has been busy preparing for VE Day. He has also written a super piece on Rabbits.

Josh has created wonderful work. I have to have one of these for myself. Which one would you choose?

Jasper already preparing for VE Day. Very proud of this work. He has been helping his brother with his work by creating a vets and looking after his pets. Look at the loving way Brooke, the dog, is looking at him!

Cameron and Ella has been very busy. Lots of wonderful writing and Maths. Cameron has also grown his own crystals. Don't they look wonderful!

Maryna has been working so hard - as always. Martyna's family celebrated Polish 3rd of May Constitution Day They made polish flags as well as Martyna created her own constitution for her home.

Adam's Superb Writing

Jasper's Brilliant frog writing!

Aaron's super maths. He has invented his own mobile phone too. Can i order a pink one please!

William's writing. More to come today - can't wait!

Adam's superb frog powerpoint

Maisie's fabulous writing. Love the letter she sent too xx

Jordan has completed lots of activities. Well done!

Elsie has been very busy - cartwheels, art and some wonderful writing

Oliver has been very busy - baking, art and even hoovering!!!

Aoife's fabulous History, spelling and Maths work. Wow!

Katie has been really busy working through her Maths. Absolutely love the Italy topic work. Well done Katie!

Amazing work from Martyna. My favourite part is her wonderful diary where she saves the day as her superhero. How cute are her adopted lambs also!

William's brilliant Maths. He has bred his own butterflies and released them. Truly wonderful!

Jasper has started his light topic with an introduction page.

Josh's Brilliant Superhero writing. Would love to see more writing from you all!

Adam's been baking. How wonderful do these Easter cookies look. Please bake some more when we get back to school.

Maryna's work - Maths, lots of exercise and celebrating mass at home.

Sophia has created an excellent Mr Twit's dirty beard.

William's Itailian Work. Yummy!

Michael's fishy mosiac fish. Great work

Elsie's Very creative beard and super writing!

Cameron and Ella's brilliant work. You have both been really busy!

Adam has been doing lots of different work. Great Maths and descriptive English work. Mr Twit's beard looks disgusting too

How fantastic is Harry's work. i'm especially impressed his writing!

Jasper has created a whole suit of armour. He looks like a true Roman soldier.

Jaxon's brilliant beard

Jasper has been very busy: planting, baking, Maths and English.

Loving Isaac's beard for Mr Twit. Looks like some disgusting items might be lurking in there!

Oliver H has been very busy indeed. How briliant is his Roman shield.

Martyna and her sister joining Joe Wicks for a morning workout

Michael's extra project work about Japan. Super work!

Elsie's Fantastic Work