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Literacy Activity

When Miss Tyrer got home from school, she found a teddy bear sitting in her chair and three bowls of porridge! There was a small bowl, a medium side bowl and a large bowl. Miss Tyrer thinks that it might be a clue to the book we are going to look at this term. 


Can you guess what it might be? Have a look at the picture and share your ideas with your grown up.

Use the sentence stem - I think it is ....  to tell me what you think. I would love to hear your ideas so remember to take a photo and upload it to your 2simple account. 

Tips for writing-

  • Say the word out loud first and count how many words are in your sentence by using your fingers. (Your grown up might be able to record you saying your sentence so you can remember what word is next).
  • Remember to put finger spaces in between your words.
  • Sound out the words using your robot arms and write the sounds you can hear. Remember its okay if your words are not spelt correctly. Use your letters and sounds knowledge to write them phonetically. Tricky words should be spelt correctly - the, I, to, no, go and into.
  • If you run out of room you can use the line underneath.
  • When you have finished your sentence you must read it back to check it makes sense. 
  • Put a full stop at the end of your sentence.

You may want to look at the alphabet to help you remember the shape of the letters.


* Parents*

Examples of how you child might write phonetically.