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Expressive Art and Design

We collected some Autumn treasures then used them to explore making different marks and prints.


Here we are discovering the different sounds that the instruments make. We learnt how to play loud and quiet sounds and how to stop and start when signalled to do so. 

Here we are painting portraits of ourselves just like one of our favourites artists, Frida Khalo. We used the mirror to make sure that we had added all our features and we carefully mixed the colours we needed. 


Colour mixing can sometimes get a bit messy but just look how fun it is! 

We used the sunflowers from the allotment to set up a still life inspired by the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We learnt about Van Gogh’s life and how he used different colours to represent different moods and feelings. Then we used watercolours to create a ‘sunflowers’ painting of our own. 


We explored layering paint to create representations of our bonfire night experiences.