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Collagraphy Printing


As part of Art week, the children have been learning about the art of collagraphy printing. We learnt about an artist called Suzie Mackenzie who creates collagraph prints based on her local environment. We spent some time evaluating/ appraising some of her work considering; do we like the print? What do we think it is a print of? What materials do we think she has used to create the textures in her print? 



We studied some of Suzie Mackenzie's works and looked at line and shape within her printing. 
We spent time experimenting with different materials by printed them to see what texture/ effect they would create on the paper. 

We used Suzie Mackenzie as our inspiration to create prints of our local environment and this linked to our recent Geography topic; see below link. 



We created drawings from photos of our school environment that would be used as a design for our printing pieces. 
The children create a design from these and considered what materials they would need to use to create their collagraph print. They referred back to their experimentation with material prints to see what textures were created from specific materials. They also thought about what colours they should use. 
The children create their collagraph print boards by drawing their designs onto a piece of cardboard and using a selection of materials to build up their picture. 
The children then went on to create their prints using their chosen colours.