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Important message from Lancashire archives

w/c 18 May

Geography this week.

We are going to find out about famous landmarks in the UK.

1. Read the Go Jetters power point I have attached. It is in 2 parts because it was so big.

2. In the second power point you have to guess what the landmark is - you may need some help from a grown up for this! The answers are on the final slide.

3. Which land mark would you like to visit?

How would you get there?

What would you do when you got there?

What would you need to take with you?

Design a leaflet to encourage people to go to the landmark you have chosen. 

I have put on an example of a leaflet. It does not have to be done on a computer. Draw your own pictures. Make your writing bold and colourful.


w/c 11th May

In History this year we found out about two famous explorers, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong but there are many more.

Choose an explorer (the websites below have lots of suggestions) and make a fact file about them.

You can present your findings in any way - a poster, a piece of writing, a recording of you talking about them or use the template I have included.

Remember to include: who they were

                                   when they were born

                                   where they lived

                                   why they were famous

                                   any other interesting facts, pictures, maps.

When you were in Year 1 you found out all about the Great Fire of London.

I found this activity and thought you might enjoy it. I wonder how much you can remember?

Museum of London's Fire of London Game

This great online game allows the player to take on the character of a child during the fire. It explores the causes and how we know about the fire, supporting children in understanding the nature of history as well as developing factual knowledge and understanding. 

w/c 4th May

Friday is the 75th anniversary of VE day.

There is a power point which explains what VE day is. Read it through with an adult. You do not have to do all the activities on it.

VE day activity sheet has lots of suggested tasks.

A template to make some bunting.

w/c 27.04.20

1. Read the information power point.

2. Use the concertina book template or draw the food chains in your book - the tasks are on slides 15,16,17 - choose which food chains you want to create.

3. Food chain activities - other ways to create food chains, including out doors. 

4. If you are not too keen on spiders (and I'm not!) you might not want to do the Science Fun at Home  activity!

w/c 23.03.20 Science - read about living things and their habitats then have a go at the task.