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Understanding the World

We enjoyed our wintery walk around the school ground. We investigated frost and noticed how it sparkled in the sunshine and crunched when we walked on the frosty grass.

We have had the most exciting visit from the Fire Brigade today! We asked some fabulous questions and were allowed to sit in the fire engine. We every got to listen to the siren and watch the lights!

We were so excited to do some baking this week. “We’re being just like the little red hen and making our own yummy bread!”

We had lots of fun jumping in puddles after another rainy day!

Today we took our first trip to the school library! Miss Tyrer wondered if the children knew the way, some children did and some children didn’t. Miss Tyrer wondered how we could show our friends where it was located. Some of our girls said “ I know we can make a map!” So that’s what we did

This term we have been learning how to navigate around our school environment. We have been making maps to help us find places of interest such as the library, the way to the trees with the crunchiest autumn leaves! We have made maps of our favourite familiar places, our town and Pepper Pig world! 

Messy Maps

Still image for this video

What an exciting day in Reception class!

Miss Hill gave us a sunflower that the children had planted in Nursery last year. Unfortunately the sunflower was dying and the seeds were ready to harvest. Reception used the tweezers and worked their little fingers hard to extract the seeds. We are now researching how to store them and when to plant them so we can have beautiful sunflowers every year!