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Today we are going to find out some information about hatching dragons! I would like you to watch the video below and think about the ways we can help the dragon hatch. 

Dare 2 Care Pet Dragon Hatching Out

Today I would like you to either:  


  • Think of a name for the baby dragon. You could write a sentence starting with "I will call the dragon..'. 

*Parents we are wanting children to apply their phonics knowledge to their writing so the sentence may look like this - ' i wil corl the dragn ....' This is fine and what we are looking for. *




  • Decide what is most important to keep the dragon egg safe and happy and write it down. It could be that we need to keep the egg safe and warm. We need to talk to it. We need to keep it away from loud noises. 


Please remember to upload a photo of your writing to your 2 simple account.