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Another plant update - 22nd June 2017

Creating sunset scenes using chalk and paint.

Plant Update

We shared an amazing day with the Mighty Zulu Dance Theatre!

Observations: how are the broad beans, peas, strawberries and sunflowers doing?

Planting sunflower seeds in the sunshine.

Doing a spot of weeding and watering.

Science - finding different textured materials in the school grounds.

Broad bean plant update

Learning how to skip during our Skipping Workshop.

Planting the broad bean seeds that germinated during the Easter holiday.

Busy, planting seeds and buying and selling plants in the Garden Centre.

Shhh! Don't tell Mum, we're making her a Mothers' Day card.

Role-playing Hop-Toads and Pearls - our Fairy Tale focus in English lessons.

Enjoying the March sunshine and doing a spot of weeding in the school garden.

Patch's return and 6th Birthday Party celebrations.

Enjoying mixing colours and painting as we begin to create our winter woodland scenes.

Enjoying a drink, biscuit and chat with friends like parishioners do after Mass on Sundays.

Learning how to make different amounts using coins.

Drawing story maps for their own version of the classic tale 'The Enormous Turnip!'

Developing fundamental skills in Mini Movers.

Mixing colours to paint flames for our Great Fire of London display.

Using balance scales to weigh the mass of objects. First using cubes then 10g and 1g weights.

Enjoying a winter walk around the school grounds.

A special visitor arrived at the Infant Christmas Party.

Making houses like those in London in 1666.

Painting our penguins.

Having fun decorating spotacular biscuits.

Today we began to make our clay penguin models.

Is it odd or is it even?

Using cubes to make bonds to 10 and recording number sentences.

Using a ruler to measure objects in cms and recording answers.

Cutting strips and ordering shortest to longest.

Who built the tallest tower? Who made the longest snake?

Using non-standard units to measure the length and height of objects.

Creating our own Lost and Found story maps.

Working together, sequencing images from our class book Lost and Found.

Counting in 2s and 5s.

Busy counting, writing and ordering numbers in our first week back at school.