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During our first half term in Year 4, our art topic is printing. We began by exploring how to sketch 2D lightning bolts. We then used marker pens to make them more cartoon like. After that, we created a 3D sketch of a lightning bolt. Following on, we sketched a 2D lightning bolt coming out of a cloud. We then traced this sketch and used the tracing to create a polystyrene printing block. We used the printing block to create a rotating pattern of different shades as our final piece of artwork. 

Here are some of our 2D and 3D sketches and the lightning bolt coming from a cloud image that we traced and transferred to a printing block.

Tracing the outline of our sketch that we are going to use to make a printing block.

Here we are using the tracing of our sketch to create a printing block.

Using our printing blocks with two different colours of paint, rotating the second print through 90 degrees.