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Physical Development

Puddle power! Jumping in puddles helps us to develop our body strength and coordination.

Developing gross motor skills and upper arm strength by washing the windows using sponges and rollers.

We usually offer the children a rolling snack bar system. This allows children to participate in snack times when they feel ready to and encourages independence. Children sit down at a table to eat their healthy snacks and are always supervised.

Every week, Mrs Murray takes us for a P.E. season in the hall. Sessions are always focused on developing our fundamental skills, for example, running, jumping or climbing. 

Swinging, jumping and climbing help to develop core strength and coordination.

Painting outside opens up the option of painting with alternative tools. Here are some you might like to try at home;

● Rollers and different sized brushes

● Leaves and twigs

● Toothbrushes

● Sponges

● Fly swatters

Here we are taking part in a dance workshop with the South Ribble Sports Development Team. 

Brushing the windows to build shoulder strength! 

Exploring syringes of a wide variety of sizes helps children build their hand strength and coordination.

Squishing, rolling and flattening dough help to develop muscles in our hands for fine motor movements useful in the future, such as holding a pencil or using scissors.

We used graters to prepare the carrots for our carrot cake.

Roll, balance, jump, climb! 

Here we are using our cutting and sticking skills to create our Christmas lists!