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Trip to Cuerden Park and Lostock River

We had an amazing trip to Cuerden Park as part of our topic about rivers. During the day, we had lots of fun taking measurments of the river, panning for stones - we didn't find any gold unfortunately - and learning all about how rivers are formed. Some of us waded in too far, and ended up with wet socks and boots (including Mrs Holliday and Mrs Howkins) who had very wet feet!!!

This has been a brilliant way to start our topic and we can now put into practise all we have learnt.

Eating Easter cake and making lava lamps!

As part of Science week, we took part in many exciting activities and experiments which included: making lava lamps, slime, mixing colours and our favourite, making land launching bottle rockets. 

Science Week

We have had such fun this week making lots of different things. We have blasted rockets into space; made slime; created lava lamps and even made liquid appear magically into another glass!!

At the end, we were so exhausted, we decided to eat some chocolate Easter cakes!!! What a week!!!

In Science, we have been learning about classification of animals. We set out in our school grounds, to investigate what invertebrates live in the different habitats. We found lots of worms!!!!!

Our art display which focussed on the work of the Tiger In A Tropic Storm picture by Henri Rousseau. We used different shading techniques to create the effects of waving grass as well as foreground and background.

After our visit from the dental hygienist, we showed what we had learnt by creating 'Terrific Toothy Games' to play with each other. The cards had lots of questions on them to test our dental knowledge. It was lots of fun!
We tasted lots of granola bars so we could decide what ingredients to use in our own bars - we really enjoyed this part of our research! After, we wrote descriptive noun phrases to use in our granola bar adverts.

We have investigated how our teeth, tongue and saliva work when we eat food. Then we researched the names of our teeth and created models to show our learning.

The effects of liquids on our teeth!

Over the last ten days our classroom has been rather smelly. We have been experimenting with the effect of different liquids on egg shells. We used eggs, as their shell is the closest thing we could use to the enamel on our teeth.

The children, as investigators, made their own predictions about the effects cola, vinegar, water, milk and orange juice would have on the shells of boiled eggs.

We talked about a ‘Fair Test’. The eggs were fresh and the same size. We used the same size containers and poured the same amount of liquid in to each.

As part of our teeth topic, Mrs Swan, Harry's mum (who is a dental hygienist) visited our class to tell us all about how to look after our teeth. She told us lots of facts and stories about her job in a dentist and even showed us some decayed teeth!! We have all certainly seen why we should look after our teeth!!!!! Thank you to Mrs Swan for giving up her time - we all enjoyed her visit a lot!
Over the Autumn term, we have taken part in lots of active learning including: drama for writing; active maths and presenting work as part of groups in our Science 'Sound Topic'.
As part of our Plague Topic, we made the mask plague doctors wore. Mrs Holliday even dressed up as the doctor and checked all the children for symptoms of the plague including: sweating, vomiting and boils!!!! Urghhhhh. We also write personification poems about the plague imagining it as a destructive, powerful monster!

During our English topic, we have analysed the book by Philip Pullman: ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. We have explored Lila’s journey to become the best firework maker she can be. After we analysed the plot for the story, we used this to create our own adventure story where our characters journey on a great quest. We hope you enjoy them!

Our wonderful trip to The Gillimoss Recycling Centre in Merseyside.

We had a wonderful day learning all about how to save our planet from pollution and how we can all help at home by following the three important words: Recycle; Reduce and Reuse!