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We encourage children to explore, experiment and discover number and numerical patterns. Repeating maths activities will develop their understanding of mathematical concepts. This term the children will begin to understand regular daily routines, like snack time and going-home time, and how to use numbers to describe things. We encourage children to to develop a positive attitude to maths and not be afraid to make mistakes. 

We were delighted to discover runner beans growing in the allotment! We compared lengths before opening them up to count the beans inside. 

The children used the beebots to explore positional language - forwards, backwards, left and right. 


Spread the cards randomly.

Players take it in turns to pick out two cards of their choosing.

if the cards match, the player keeps the pair and plays again. 
if not, the cards are returned to their position and it’s the next persons turn. 
play until all the cards have been matched. 
The player with the most cards wins. 

Simple jigsaw puzzles help to develop our finger strength, perseverance and problem-solving skills.