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This term we are focusing on the number 1-5.

We have been practising matching the numeral to the quantity. We are learning to lineup our objects and check that we have the right amount by counting each object carefully.

Today we used the conkers and the conker subtilising cards to see if we could match the arrangements.we then made some of our own.

We are learning how to compare two groups of objects using the words ‘more’ and ‘fewer’.

We used sweets to help us show an amount with more sweets and an amount with fewer sweets. We then shared them equally!

We have had a 5 party! We had to set the party table for 5 guests and ensure we have 5 of everything! 5 plates, 5 cups, 5 hats, 5 cakes and 5 candles!

We are learning lots about the number 4. We know that two and two make four and we can find four in our environment and show it on a five frame.

We have been learning about the numbers 1 2 and 3. We have been learning to recognise the numbers and count the number using a five frame to help.