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Our class timeline is used throughout the year. The timeline includes events/ people studied in Year 1 and then we add to this as the year goes on. Each event is separated using dienes representations to help represent how many years are between the events. This supports the children as they are familiar with dienes from their maths work.

Black History Month- Arthur Wharton 


As part of Black History Month, year 2 have spent time learning about Arthur Wharton and why he was such a significant individual. Arthur Wharton was an influential sports player who led change within a number of sports but made a huge impact when he became the first professional black football player, and even played for our local team, ‘Preston North End.’

As a class we discussed lots of questions around Arthur Wharton’s life and how he was treated as a footballer. 

The children created timelines of significant events in Arthur Wharton’s life.

The children explored how football has changed and compared the experiences of a black footballer like Arthur Wharton, to the experiences of a modern day footballer.