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Year Two

As the children progress through Year 2 and beyond, they are assessed to identify gaps in their phonetic knowledge.  Where further support is required, 1:1 or small group interventions are used where needed. These interventions are short, specific and effective.


Following an intervention, the children will bring home a decodable reading book to consolidate their leaning. The books sent home are carefully matched to the teaching taking place in school. Some books may appear to be ‘too easy’ but they will contain the grapheme the child has been practicing during the intervention so they can practise with you at home.


To best support us in teaching your child how to read we ask that you read the decodable text provided by school 4 times, this allows your child to re-read each text several times building their confidence and fluency. This is especially important as they begin to learn that the sounds within our language can be spelt in different ways. Spending 10 minutes a day reading with your child will hugely support them in their journey to becoming an independent reader.


Supporting Reading at Home:

  • Children will only read books that are entirely decodable, this means that they should be able to read these books as they already know the code contained within the book.
  • We only use pure sounds when decoding words (no ‘uh’ after the sound)
  • We want children to practise reading their book 4 times across the week working on these skills:

                Decode – sounding out and blending to read the word.

                Fluency – reading words with less obvious decoding.

                Expression – using intonation and expression to bring the text to


More support for parents and carers can be found here: