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Would this poster entice you to book a trip on board the Titanic?

Here's a super account of Edward Jenner's lifetime achievements. Let's hope we've got a modern day Edward Jenner trying to find a vaccine for Covid-19!

Guess which smartypants got this amazing score on HIS arithmetic test!

Read this! Would you like to meet a Cerboclops in the dark? I certainly wouldn't!

Somebody's worked hard here when recording down what they have learnt about the life cycles of amphibians and mammals.

Alex and the Death Squid

Still image for this video
Guess who this is reading a myth that he's written himself. A great recital of the story: he manages to keep us wondering what's going to happen next.

Look everyone! Another piece of super writing that brought a smile to my face. Lots of effort put in here - well done to AA.

Come on girls!  All the reports that I've received so far have been off the boys.  I'd love to see some of  your writing.  yesheart

Click on the link below to see yet another super non-chronolgical report about the yellow-spotted lizard. Well done for evaluating your work and setting yourself a target for next time you write a report.

Another super non-chronological report about the yellow-spotted lizard. I can see lots of hard work has gone into producing this - well done!

Look who's been getting creative. Delicious looking cakes and a home-made face mask.

Yet another super example of a non-chronological report about the yellow-spotted lizard with an accurate evaluation. This person knows how to improve his writing. Well done!!

Can you imagine the big smile on my face when I was emailed this report about the yellow-spotted lizard?

Here's the first completed non-chronological report about the yellow-spotted lizard. Why not email yours. I'd love to see what you've written.

Someone's worked hard today on preparing their plan for the non-chronological report.

We've been using real life flowers to explore the anatomy of a flower.

Hmmm, I wouldn't like to meet one of these when digging a hole.

Enjoying the outdoors!

Another super example of a non-chronological report! Great use of formal language and technical vocabulary.

Check out this super non-chronological report! Good use of formal language, technical vocabulary AND correct use of a colon to explain. Has anybody else written a report about the yellow spotted lizard? I'd like to see it.

Our first Early Islamic City Project. Lots of interesting facts here. Has anybody else completed one? I'd love to see them.

Clapping to the beat - using the Bitesize activity - Clap it! Looks fun.

Hard at work: learning about how to use the colon; adding and subtracting decimals; and the anatomy of the flowering plant.

William's been busy text marking the Rattlesnake extract and representing his Passover learning through his artwork - an Israelite town during the plague.

I've been busy completing some of the Easter activities. I wonder what's in the jar?

Looks who's been busy learning and having fun!

This looks like great fun! Rocket Power! Why not try the parachute experiment in the Topic section.

More wonderful artwork from William. Do you like his colourful, Early Islamic Geometric artwork?

Has anybody else tried the air resistance experiment?

Someone's been busy! The cake you baked looks delicious!

Guess who's broken his arm riding his bike?

Day 1 William's rainbow pictures