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Hello and welcome to the Reception Home Learning page! 


Please see the Easter activities page. I have provided some Easter themed activities to keep you busy during the Easter break. This is not mandatory however if you choose to complete any of the activities please send me an email and I will share your pictures below.

I will continue to upload the learning projects from 20th April. 


Happy Easter!



Each Monday I will be uploading a learning project to be completed throughout the week. This will include learning for all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. I will also be uploading some phase 3 phonics videos/songs and tasks which will be accessible to all children. I have tried to provide the children with enough activities so they don't get bored but please don't feel like everything needs to be completed. 


You can record your work either in your sharing books or home learning books. Please add photos and add captions of what your child was doing or saying at the time. Any writing or number work can also be completed in these books. 


Please remember that I am contactable by email if you need any help with anything or would like to send me pictures of any of your work. I look forward to seeing all of the lovely things you get up too!


Stay safe!


 Miss Tyrer