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Afternoon Activities

Draw your home. 


Is your home different to the three bears cottage or the dinosaurs house? Do you live on the edge of the woods? I would like you to draw a picture of the front of your house. This will help you to practise drawing lines and help you to think about shapes in pictures. 


What to do. 

Shut your eyes and imagine what your house looks like from the front. 

Draw what you imagined - is it really like your house? 

Go outside if you can and compare your picture with your home. Do you have the right amount of windows? Is the door is the right position? What shape is your roof? What else can you see? 


What you need.


pencil/ pens

a clip board/ hardback book to lean on. 



Draw a different house front which you can see from your window. 

View a famous building which you cannot physically visit using https// (try Buckingham Palace for example). Can you draw this building? Take note of the shapes.