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This term the children will be learning about architecture. They will be exploring existing builds and works of architects. They will be working on their drawing skills and recreating line drawings based on existing buildings. The children will build on this to create their own designs and structures.

The children created line drawings based on existing buildings. The focused on the lines, shapes and details of the buildings. 

The children enjoyed creating observational drawings of our school building from different perspectives. They created drawings using both pencils and handwriting pens and concentrated on the lines and shapes of the building.

We explored an artist/ architect name Hundertwasser. We learnt that he didn’t like to use straight lines and instead opted for curves in his buildings. He used lots of colours and patterns in his works and we noticed that tiles were used in lots of his creations.

To help support the children’s understanding around building structures the children worked together to create buildings out of Lego. 

The children have been designing through making, the children were given a range of resources and were encouraged to create any building they wanted. They had to problem solve on how to create and develop their structures to enable them to be 3D and be freestanding. The children’s designs evolved as they were building. 

After the children had explored materials and structures the children built another building. It was great to see how the children had learnt and build upon their original designs.