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Expressive Art and Design

We have been learning about Remembrance Sunday. We looked at Van Goghs Poppy Fields painting and talked about our likes and dislikes. We then used different objects to create our own poppy paintings.  

This week in our music lessons we have been learning how to play loud ad quiet sounds as well as long and short. We loved trying out all of the different instruments!

We have been learning the story of Leaf Man. The children were challenged to create their own leaf men. They choose their leaves based on colour and shape to suit the purpose of different body parts! We are very proud of our creations.

What a fabulous afternoon!

After exploring our blackberries and looking at them under the microscope, we spoke about how they looked. We noticed they were made up of lots of little spheres and some had little hairs on! We then sketched the blackberry and used the juicy to paint them!

Today we had our first music lesson. We started to learn a new song with actions.

1,2,3 it’s good to me!

Still image for this video

1,2,3 it’s good to be me!

Still image for this video