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 W / C   6-7-2020

Hello everybody, hope everyone is well and looking forward to the  summer break.

This week I have added the Whiterose Maths Daily Activities,  the Literacy task which focuses on Bears and writing a bear fact file. I have also attached the Wandle Hub Phonic daily video link.

Again I am in school all week so if you have any questions please contact the school office and they will pass the message on.  We will be visiting the Forest School this week and carrying out observational drawings in our large outdoor tent.


w/c 29 June 

Hello everybody. It was lovely to see so many of year 1 in school  having lots of fun in our bubbles.

Again I will be in school each day this week so if there are any questions about the work I have set please ring the school office and they will get a message to me. 



w/c 22 June 

Hello everybody. It was lovely to see so many of you on our Zoom session last week.

I will be in school each day from now on. If there are any questions please ring the school office and they will get a message to me.

For those children who are not returning to the year 1 bubbles I have uploaded the Maths work, Phonics, Science and Literacy tasks that we will be undertaking in school.

Hope everyone is well and I am  looking forward to seeing you all  soon! 

Mrs Derbyshire

w /c  15th June

Hello everybody. Hope you are all well.

Tomorrow we will have a class Zoom session. Details will be sent out on parent mail. If you want to bring a piece of work you are proud of or something you have made to the session to show to everyone then please do. We will chat about what you have been doing. Hope to see you tomorrow at 1-30pm.

Welcome to the Year 1 Home Learning page.


Summer Term Learning 


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely Half Term break with your families and are ready to start learning again.

Work will be uploaded on the following days:

Monday - Phonics Daily Tasks, Spellings, Reading, Writing, and  Daily Maths Activities.

(Answers  will be uploaded as required.) 


Weekly -  I will upload a new science or topic activity for you to complete.  

I have just added the next Come and See Home Learning theme - Reconciliation. 

In Year 1 it is about 'Being Sorry' (June 2020)


Don't forget to acess the Whiterose Maths website, Wandle Year 1 Phonic Hub and Oxford Owl Link.

Links are below under each area: Maths, Reading and Phonics.


Remember, you can use the email address provided to contact me if you need any help or clarification regarding work posted on the Home Learning page.  I love seeing what you've been up to!

Hope to hear from you soon

Mrs Derbyshire