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Year 4 being Crimewatch detectives, solving 3,000 year old crimes. Artefacts stolen from tombs were scattered around the classroom. The boys and girls had to use the evidence in the pictures to work out which artefact belonged in which tomb. They were given information about six different Egyptian characters who had had their tombs raided.

Today, Year 4 became archaeologists and explored the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. They entered the tomb, opened his sarcophagus and discovered a wonderful world of treasures. It wasn’t long before gases built up in the tomb so they had to make a quick exit, committing to memory what they had seen. Back at the dig, they each drew pictures of the artefacts that they had discovered. 

Back at the dig, we transferred what we could remember into evidence by drawing images of King Tut’s treasures.

While we were waiting to enter the tomb, we researched Tutankhamen and recorded our newly learnt facts as a group.