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Come and See


Our first Come and See topic this term is celebrating. We explored what a celebration is and we celebrate at home and how others celebrate around the world. We talked about what makes a celebration and how it makes us feel. 

‘Christmas. Makes me feel excited’


’Easter. We get Easter eggs. I feel happy!’

’Chinese New Year. We had a feast!’

The Story of the Presentation

Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple. He was their baby boy and they wanted to thank God for him. At the Temple they met Simeon and Anna. They were both old and had been going to the Temple to pray for many years. They were happy to see Jesus and thanked God for him. 

The Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross

On Friday, we went to visit Father Mark in church where he taught us about The Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross is a form of prayer used traditionally in Lent. Each of the 14 Stations retells part of Jesus’ Passion through images and words. The Stations of the Cross introduce children to Jesus’ Passion, breaking it down into stages that they can reflect upon and remember. Thank you Father Mark. 


During this topic we have been learning about how and why people gather together. We talked about the things that we do together and how it makes us feel.


To begin this topic we are beginning to recognise growth in nature and discover the ways in which things grow. We explored our wonderful outdoor environment to hunt for signs of spring. The children were delighted to find buds and catkins on the trees. We also had a very special delivery - 10 eggs! We can’t wait to watch them hatch and care for the chicks as they grow.

We listened to the story of the Easter Garden then we decorated Easter eggs. Father Mark explained that Easter eggs symbolise the rock that covered the entrance of Jesus’ tomb. We ended our topic with a moment of quiet reflection. We thought about how we could grow more in love to be more like Jesus. Happy Easter to all our wonderful families!