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Physical Development

We began our first week at nursery with a P.E. Lesson with Mrs Murray. We balanced bean bags,  travelled over the benches and practiced our jumping skills. 

Scooping and pouring rice into containers with different sized openings help to improve hand-eye coordination. 

Developing gross motor skills and upper arm strength by washing the windows with sponges, rollers and squeegees.

Scoping and pouring water and lifting jugs and watering cans to different heights build gross motor skills. Aiming the water into a funnel, container or plant pot develops fine motor control and hand eye coordination. Activities like this will help the children develop muscle strength needed for early writing and the skills needed to pour their own drinks at snack time. 

Jump, jump, jump! Jumping is a very effective way to promote overall body strength, co-ordination, balance and agility.