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Understanding the World

We used our senses to investigate the plants and vegetables growing in the allotment. We were delighted to find green beans and potatoes! We were also able to identify some of the different herbs growing there. Our favourites are mint and lemon balm. 

Autumn walks in the forest are one of our favourite ways to start the week. We found so many interesting things - sycamore seeds, super soft moss, apples growing in the trees and a shield beetle! 

The children are beginning to develop their geographical knowledge by exploring features of our outdoor environment. We challenged them to follow their maps to find the forest by themselves! 

We love to learn how we can grow our own food. We picked apples from the trees in the forest then used them to make our own apple crumble. Delicious!

Oh no! Stickman is lost! We worked together and used our map reading skills to find him sitting on the storytelling chair. 

As part of Black History month we watched a special episode of ‘JoJo and Gran Gran’. Gran Gran told us all about her journey from St Lucia to England when she was a little girl. She talked about the special duffle coat she wore to keep her warm on her arrival, her boarding pass and a precious photograph that helped to remind Gran Gran of the story of her voyage. 

We talked about the things that are precious to us…
‘My sister’s heartbeat teddy. I snuggle up with it at night time’
‘I got an Anna teddy and I always cuddle her’
‘My mum got a dog called fifi and she has furry legs and when I turned her around she had a hole so I showed my mummy and she fixed it’
‘My jacket is special because I wear it every day and it keeps me warm’ 
‘Auntie Sophia gave me her teddy from when she was a little girl’ 

We used google maps to find where St Lucia is and learnt some simple St Lucian greetings. We learnt a traditional folk dance called the Moulala and tried some Caribbean chicken and rice. It was delicious! 

On Remembrance Day we went the school office to buy our poppies. We talked about how they help us to remember special people who are no longer with us. We used the paints to create a poppy field and we drew pictures of our special people on poppies to take to a special Remembrance Assembly. 

Today we had a visit from our local Fire Service. The firefighters told us all about the special equipment they use when attending an emergency. Then we had a look inside the fire engine and listened to the siren! Thank you for visiting us! 

This week, Ollie’s mum brought a very special visitor for us to meet. We talked about what baby would need to grow and how to take care of her. Thank you so much for visiting us! 

This week we celebrated Hanukkah- the Jewish Festival of Lights by making potato latkes. 

Exploring light and dark! 

This morning we were so excited to find frost on the field. We loved the way it glistened in the sunshine and the way it crunched under our feet.