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Self Portraits


The children have been working hard to create a self-portrait. The children spent time exploring their face shape and features using mirrors and whiteboards. Once they felt more confident with how their faces looked they created their own self portraits using pencils in their sketch books. 

Draw and Explore


This term’s art topic is called ‘Draw and Explore’. In this topic children are introduced to the idea that artists can be collectors: they go out into the world, look at things in new ways, and bring things back to their studio to inspire their art.


Children will be given the opportunity to explore observational drawing and experimental mark making, and think about how they can use composition to create their own artwork.


The tasks are aimed at encouraging children to begin to develop hand-eye coordination through slow and paced looking. This is balanced by encouraging children to nurture a playful exploration of media, a curiosity towards the world around them, and to begin to take creative risks/trust instinct.

The children were inspired by a variety of artists as they watch video clips that showed the different ways artists can get their inspiration. The children loved the idea that are can be anywhere and made from anything! The children reflected on this and considered where they might get inspiration from for their artwork.

The children then went outside to explore the school grounds and find objects that they could use to create artwork. The children create different pieces of artwork then used the same objects in a different way to create another artwork. The children learnt that artwork is not always ‘fixed’ and does not always last.


As part of our exploration of different objects, and their lines and shapes, the children collected items from our school grounds and were given one at random to hold behind their backs. The children were not allowed to look at their object, but instead had to create a drawing from touch alone. The children really enjoyed this part of our exploration!

‘Feely’ Drawings