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Week beginning 4/5/20


This week's spellings:








Week Beginning 27/4/20

Here are some more of the Y5/6 Spelling words to revise this week:


For this week's task, write a short story containing as many of the spelling words as you can! 





Week beginning 20/4/20

Here are more of the Y5/6 spelling words to recap. Below are some activities to help you practise each word. 


Week Beginning 30/3/20


Here are some more of the Year 5/6 spelling words for you to revise. After you have practised them, use a recording device or app on a phone or tablet to record yourself spelling the words. Then, listen to the recording and check against your spelling list to see if you have correctly spelt the word.

Week Beginning 23.3.20


Here are 15 of the Year 5/6 spelling words for you to revise: 



For each one, roll a dice and complete the activity for the word:

1 = Write the word as many times as you can in 60 seconds

2 = See if you can find 5 smaller words inside the word 

3 = Write the word 3 times using different colours for the letters 

4 = Draw a picture which has this word secretly hidden in it somewhere 

5 = Write the word backwards 

6 = Write the word in bubble writing