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We have been exploring the number 10. We can count forwards and backwards. We can order numbers from 0-10 and count out 10 from a larger amount! 

Our sunflowers are starting to grow! We want to find out which one was the tallest so we measured them using a ruler. The tallest is 15cm and the shortest is 4cm

This week we have been planting sunflowers. Miss Tyrer wasn’t sure if we had enough pots and wondered what we could do to check. We decided to count all of the children to see how many pots we would need. We then used the big 10 frames to help us to notice if we had enough. We are very good at motivating how many more we need and explaining why. 

On our journey to become sunflower experts, we investigated the sunflower packet. We found out that our sunflowers could grow to 180cm! We thought that 180cm might be the same size as Miss Tyrer and used the measuring sticks to check. Miss Tyrer is a lot shorter that 180cms! We were curious to find out how tall we are!

We have been exploring number 8. We wondered if we could jump 8 spots long. We talked about how we can make this fair and decided we needed to start behind a line. We tried very hard but couldn’t quite make it to 8. We talked about how many more spots we would need to jump to make 8! super effort Reception!