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In Science this week the children learned about the components of a circuit and were challenged with the task of creating a working circuit.


Using the energy stick we demonstrated how electricity flows around a circuit and discussed what happens when the circuit is broken.

Today the children tested classroom items to find out if they were conductors or insulators. 

Today we created our own selector switches and used them in our circuits. 


In our new topic of Sound we have been learning all about sound waves and vibrations, we demonstrated this using a tuning fork and water. 


Still image for this video

Today we continued looking at sound and vibration conducting 2 new investigations.

We used balloons to help understand that sound is a vibration.

We learnt all about how the sound travels in a sound wave to our ears.

Today we looked at the link between distance and volume. We tested this by banging the drum and taking steps back, we then discussed why the volume decreased as the distance increased.

Today we looked at how sound travels through different mediums, then applied our knowledge to create our own string telephones! We discovered that without the phone we couldn't hear our partner but with the phone we could, showing that solids are a better medium to travel through than gas.

After learning all about why different sounds can have a different pitch the children had fun creating their own plan flutes and testing out how to create sounds with different pitches.