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This half term, Year 6 are learning all about Coasts. We will be learning all about how and why coasts vary around the UK. They will be learning all about the processes of erosion and the names of some features of the coasts e.g. headlands, coves etc.  Together, we will learn about the structure of the United Kingdom and how its shape and geography have changed over thousands of years. Using an online database of photographs, children can explore how landscapes change.


In this lesson, we focused on how costal towns have built structures to help them prevent erosion and damage. We researched different types of costal defenses: the disadvantages and advantages and then created a poster to present to the rest of the class.  

The first two lessons have been spent learning about the different coasts in Britain. We have located the most popular costal resorts in Britain and though about the industries (fishing, steel, tourism) that first brought them there. 

We then learnt all about the processes that erode the costal landscape such as: abrasion, attrition and hydraulic action. Finally, we looked how these processes form certain types of landforms such as: splits, headlands, stacks, arches, caves and stumps. We created a drama to show how erosion processes form these different land forms.