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Our next science topic is to learn about how sound is made. See the Sound Knowledge Organiser below for the key learning.

Today we made string telephones. If we kept the string taught, we could hear what our partners were saying. We experimented to see what happened if we stood round a corner, tied a knot in the string or shortened it.

We conducted a carousel of investigations that highlighted how vibrations travelling through different mediums (air and water) can make objects (water, rice and glitter) move, jump or splash. 

Here we feeling the vibration of our vocal chords.

In this investigation, we banged a tuning fork on the edge of the table then put it in the water. The vibrations of the tuning fork made the water ripple and splash.

We banged one drum and the vibrations travelled through the air to the other drum. They made the skin on the second drum vibrate and the rice dance,


Still image for this video

Finally, we used our voices to make the glitter move on top of this bowl. The vibrations from our loud voice made the stretched cling film vibrate, causing the glitter to flicker, move and jump.


Still image for this video

This half term our topic is ELECTRICITY. See the knowledge organiser below for our key learning.

Electricity Knowledge Organiser

Here we are making our own simple series electrical circuits. 

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